Frequently Asked Questions

1) How much money is donated after my purchase?

A) Each product donates 15% of our profit to the specified charity. We are always working on getting this number up! However, as a brand new company we are trying to remain reasonable so we can grow and in the long run donate much more!

2) What is the estimated shipping time for a product online?

A) We promise to ship products within 1-2 business days after you place your order. However we offer same-day pickup if we have your item in our inventory at our workshop location inside the Mizzou Student Center! If you're wondering if we have your product in our inventory, feel free to ask us but 90% of the time we will have it!

3) Are you currently offering any jobs?

A) Right now we are trying to remain within our group of four. However, we are currently accepting brand ambassador applications!

4) What is a brand ambassador?

A) Our brand ambassador program is unique. We are looking for people with a high social media influence on all platforms. We want you to market our product! As a brand ambassador you will have your own marketing channel geared towards our products, not only will you be rewarded with free gifts but we are also offering monetary incentives! The top brand ambassadors who bring in sales can get anywhere up to 20% of their total sales amount! Fill out an application today on our brand ambassador page!


Got any more questions? Email us and let us know at support@landtoluna.com